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Lucille Campey has written eight books on the Scots who immigrated to Canada. They are all published by the Dundurn Group of Toronto (www.dundurn.com). The books are painstakingly researched and are well-illustrated with maps and detailed appendices. The books have attracted widespread favourable comment from many genealogists, academic historians and journalists.

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A very fine class of Immigrants - Prince Edward Island's Scottish Pioneers 1770-1850. 

Scots dominated the early influx from Britain to Prince Edward Island and gave it many of its earliest communities. Learn what ships they sailed in and trace your family links with the Island.

"Indispensable to Islanders of Scottish ancestry and of course to all those interested in Island History" (Elizabeth Cran, The Prince Edward Island Guardian).




Fast Sailing and Copper Bottomed - Aberdeen Sailing Ships and the Emigrant Scots they carried to Canada 1774-1855. 

Scots who sailed from Aberdeen to Canada often came from the Highlands. Find out about the ships they sailed in, what their sea crossings were like and where they settled. 

"This engaging and eminently readable book has much to offer the historian with maritime, social and regional interests" (Journal of Nautical Archaeology). 
 "A useful blend of information about the journeys and facts about the ships themselves" (Ryan Taylor, eminent genealogist). 
"Essential resource for people with Scottish roots" (Family Chronicle). 



The Silver Chief - Lord Selkirk and the Scottish Pioneers of Belfast, Baldoon and Red River. 

The Highlanders recruited by Lord Selkirk in the early 1800s went on to found major settlements in three parts of Canada. Find out why he and they were so important toCanada’s early development.

"The author has a clean writing style and takes care to set her scenes with quotes and explanations that fully involve the readers" (Destinations & Discoveries) 

"The work is significant because, along with Selkirk's adventures, Campey considers many questions about the settlers themselves" (Canada's National History Society). 



After the Hector The Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton 1773- 1852.

This is the first fully documented and detailed account of one of the greatest early migrations of Scots to North America. It is essential reading for anyone having early family links with Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.

"A well-written crisp narrative ….that avoids the sentimental victim and scapegoat approach" (Professor Michael Vance, St. Mary's University, Halifax) . 
"Contains much of vital interest to historians and genealogists" (Professor Edward J. Cowan University of Glasgow).




The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada 1784-1855, Glengarry and Beyond. 

Scots were prominent among Upper Canada’s earliest pioneers. Find out about the ships they sailed in, where they settled and their huge impact on the province’s economic and social development.

"An excellent read, full of fascinating detail dug from much archival research" (Professor Graeme Morton, Scottish Studies Foundation Studies Chair, University of Guelph) 
"The product of meticulous research .. which has much to offer both genealogists and general readers" (Dr. Marjory Harper, University of Aberdeen). 




Les Écossais - The Pioneer Scots of Lower Canada, 1763-1855. 

As prominent early settlers of Quebec Province, the Scots clung on to their language and culture for as long as they could. In the end they became assimilated into Quebec’s French-speaking society, but along the way, they had a huge impact on the province’s early development.

"This is the sixth in Lucille Campey's series of meticulously researched histories about the Scottish exodus to Canada.. .All through the series she explains why people moved where they did, why they stayed and sometimes why they moved on…This book, as absorbing as a good historical novel, is a genealogist's delight" (Montreal Review of Books). 



With Axe and Bible - The Scottish Pioneers of New Brunswick, 1784-1874. 
New Brunswick’s enormous timber trade attracted the first wave of Scots in the late 18th century. This book is the first fully documented account of Scottish emigration to New Brunswick ever to be written. 
Mr. Shawn Graham, Premier of New Brunswick, kindly commented "You did a remarkable job with your book and you should be very proud of your work". 
"Lucille Campey, who has done great service through her books on Scottish migration to Nova Scotia, PEI, Upper and Lower Canada,has turned to New Brunswick. None too soon, considering Dr Campey has deep roots here." (New Brunswick Scottish Journal). 
The New Brunswick Department of Education has accepted With Axe and Bible as a reference source for Grade 7 students. 


An Unstoppable Force - The Scottish Exodus to Canada 
In this major study of Scottish emigration, Lucille traces the relocation of over 100,000 emigrants to their new homes in Canada. She shatters the widespread misconception that the desire to emigrate was primarily driven by dire events in Scotland. 
Described in The Winnipeg Free Press as "exhaustively researched" this book demonstrates that emigration was a rational response to the catastrophic economic and social conditions affecting Scotland in the nineteenth century. 
"The latest book on Scottish emigration to Canada meticulously and effectively exposes the popular romantic myth that the majority of Scots who settled in the country were primarily those evicted during the Highland Clearances" (Family History). 

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