An unstoppable Force - The Scottish Exodus to Canada, 1763-1900.


From the late 18th century a growing number of Scots sought the better life that Canada offered. They faced great privations and overcame many obstacles. As economic conditions in Scotland deteriorated, emigration surged ahead becoming an unstoppable force.

In this major study of Scottish emigration, Lucille Campey traces the relocation of over 100,000 emigrants to their new homes in Canada. Mythology and truth are laid side by side as their progress unfolds. In considering the factors which drove the exodus, she shatters the widespread misconception that the desire to emigrate was primarily driven by dire events in Scotland. Campey proves conclusively that, however bad were the conditions in Scotland, Scots were also being attracted to Canada by its many benefits and opportunities. They chose the part of Canada that best suited them and normally paid their own way in reaching their final destinations. And although Highlanders received most of the attention, Lowlanders greatly outnumbered them. 

The shipping horror stories, that have come to be associated with emigrant sea crossings, are also challenged. Far from being offered the worst leaky tubs of their day, most Scots actually sailed on top quality ships in the highest state of repair and arrived in a good state of health.

This book is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand why Scots emigrated and the enormity of their colonizing achievements in Canada. They were a founding people whose influence and impact set them apart from other ethnic groups.

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