Welcome to the Scots to Canada Web Site - the site dedicated to Canada's early Scottish pioneers.

Read on and you might discover:

  • Why your ancestors left Scotland when they did,
  • Where in Scotland they came from,
  • Where in Canada they settled,
  • And possibly which ships they sailed on.

The information on this site is provided by Dr. Lucille H. Campey, a recognized authority on the history of Scottish emigration to Canada. Lucille has written eight books on this subject - all published by the Dundurn Group of Toronto. The books trace the course of the great Scottish exodus to Canada, dealing with the subject on a province by province basis. The books are essential reading for people wishing to trace their Scottish ancestors.


To explore this web-site simply follow the links at the top of this page. If you want general information follow the link to The Immigration Story. If you want to learn more about Scottish immigration to particular provinces, follow the links to the eight books.


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If you have any comments or queries please write to Lucille at lucille@scotstocanada.com.


Lucille's other web-sites

Lucille has also written three books on English immigration to Canada (www.englishtocanada.com) and three books on Irish immigration to Canada(www.irishtocanada.com).


The photograph at the top of each web page is of a sculpture, The Emigrants, by Gerald Laing, located at Helmsdale in Sutherland.


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