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Welcome to the Scots to Canada Web Site - the site dedicated to Canada's early Scottish pioneers. If your ancestors emigrated from Scotland to Canada this is the site for you!

Are you interested in knowing more about this subject? Read on and you might discover:

  • The reasons why your ancestors left Scotland when they did,
  • Where in Scotland your ancestors may have come from,
  • The factors which caused them to settle in a particular part of Canada,
  • And possibly which ships they sailed on.

The information on this site is provided by Dr. Lucille H. Campey, a recognised authority on the history of Scottish emigration to Canada. Lucille has wTherritten eight books on this subject - all published by the Dundurn Group of Toronto. The books trace the course of the great Scottish exodus to Canada, dealing with the subject on a province by province basis. Each province has its own unique story. The early Scottish settlers of Lower Canada (Quebec), Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and New Brunswick were some of Canada's earliest pioneers. Eventually Upper Canada (Ontario) attracted huge numbers of Scots when, as a result of better inland travel, its fertile lands became more accessible. And Scottish domination of Canada's fur trade ensured that Scots would become major players in the early development of the prairie provinces. You will find details about the books by following the link at the head of this page.

A feature of this web site is the facility it offers for people to contribute to a pool of knowledge that can be shared by everyone. Individuals who have researched their Scots to Canada roots often have knowledge and insights which will be of interest to others. This web site enables us all to benefit from each others' efforts and see the wider picture. If you would like to contribute what you know please follow the link at the side of this page.

If you are interested in learning more about the ships used by your ancestors to travel to Canada please follow the 'ships list' link on this page. You will find details of ship departures from the Highlands over the period 1773 to 1852. There are also lists giving details of departures from Tobermory and the Outer Hebrides during the period 1773 to 1853. However, the books contain much more shipping information.

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Lucille's other web-site
Lucille has also written three books covering immigration from England to all parts of Canada. For further details visit her other web-site

The photograph at the top of each web page is of a sculpture, The Emigrants, by Gerald Laing, located at Helmsdale in Sutherland. The photograph was taken by Geoff Campey.